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The Integrative Health Empowerment Series.

Welcome to a brand new class series.

It's really frustrating to be a patient in the American healthcare system. It's really frustrating to be anyone in the American healthcare system. There is never enough time, never enough money and never enough education. Folks are constantly left feeling like their care is inadequate, like providers don't listen (or don't care) or worst of all, completely invalidated. If you are someone who struggles with a chronic illness or has a complicated health story, all of that has the potential to get exponentially worse.

Enter this course. Brought to you by a registered herbalist and integrative primary care provider, join us as we go through some of the "land mines" of the medical world - conditions, symptoms, disorders and diseases that are tough to diagnose, tough to treat, and for which care can be difficult to access. Unlike other classes taught by Lauren, this series will emphasize a new skillset, including the following:

*When to suspect a given disease in yourself or your loved ones

*How to self-advocate in the exam room

*Which tests, diagnostics and/or referrals to request

*Treatments (both holistic and pharmaceutical) that are recommended

  vs. NOT recommended

*Managing expectations for improvement

lessons on long COVID
7/13/24   1-5pm  @SECHI   Phoenix, NY/Livestream

Stay tuned for more details about this Summer's class - full info will be released as we get closer <3


American Herbalist Guild

Herbal Study Hall

Herbalism and the Lymphatic System with Lauren Eadline


Live Dates: Thursdays, July 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2023

For full details and registration:

The lymphatic system is an integral part of our innate and adaptive immunity and plays an often-underestimated role in keeping us healthy. More than just a series of ducts and vessels, the circulation of lymph throughout the body is just as necessary as the flow of blood when it comes not just to healing, but to metabolism, elimination and detoxification. Furthermore, as one of the great waters of the body, understanding the water element itself and examining its energetics allows us to gain a better comprehension of this crucial source of our vitality. Join us as we discuss lymphatic anatomy and physiology and apply the six tissue states to not just understanding water, but how herbal protocols can offer support for underlying lymphatic imbalances. We will also approach the relationships between the lymphatics and other body systems such as the liver, heart & skin, remembering that all the pieces of our anatomical puzzle are inherently integrated.

Class I

-Lymph: why it matters

-Anatomy & Physiology

-Integrative relationships with other body systems

Class II

-Energetics of the Lymphatic System

-Plunging into the Water Element

-Tissue State Imbalances in the Lymphatics

Class III

-Pathophysiology of Lymphatic Ailments

-Balancing Herbal Actions & Plant Families

-materia medica

Class IV

-materia medica continued


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