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Saturday Jan 7th, 10am-1pm

EarthStrong Presents

Healing Allies: The Mindful Use of Herbs During Infection

Please email to register!


In both the naturopathic and allopathic worlds, "herbal antibiotics" and other immune uses of plants are becoming increasingly popular. However, there are both prudent and dangerous ways to utilize herbs in both the treatment and prevention of infections. Therefore, whether we are using them with our kids, our pets or our patients, a working knowledge of how herbs work and do not work during illness is a necessary part of any education in plant medicine. 

During this class, we will discuss a wide range of different infections and ailments and how we can use herbs effectively to aid in healing. We will also have a conversation about how herbs should not be used, when to ask for help and how to maneuver the vast, ever-growing world of nutraceutical commerce that promises a "natural" version of our pharmacological antiseptics. 

To register for class please email us directly! Cost of class is $60 and includes all class materials. Payment plans and reduced tuition available on an as-needed basis. Space is limited to 10 live participants but livestream and recorded options are available! When you register please specify how you will be joining class. Livestream participants will be emailed a Zoom link prior to the start of class and all students will receive a copy of the recording. 

SPECIAL OFFER: If you are currently a subscription member of Materia Medica Monthly, get $15 off the cost of class - let us know in your registration email that you are a member to receive this discount, and if you are interested in becoming one, click the "classes" tab above or contact us directly!

Bring a mug for tea! Hope to see you there!

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