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Built for Clinical Herbal Practice

Understanding the delicate dances of the body informs not only our ability to support patterns of health but to recognize imbalance. A skillset that focuses on integrative anatomy & physiology approaches this knowledge from an energetic perspective, going a step further and helping us more appropriately diagnose tissue state imbalances, match person with plant and support overall wellness and foundational vitality. 

Please note, this program will serve as foundational learning for future Clinical Herbalist training programs, unless similar comprehensive coursework in A&P has been completed elsewhere.


 Join us for this 9-week program starting October 2021. While these classes will be archived and available as a distance learning program, you have the opportunity to be part of the live class recording this Fall or to join us on Zoom for the livestream. There are 10

in-person spots available, spaces for livestream attendance is unlimited. 


If you decide to purchase the program recordings either now or in months/years to come, we have distance learning support available. One evening a month, myself and/or my apprentices will be available for an online Q&A for those working their way through the program remotely. 


*Introduction to Herbal Energetics and the Tissue States

*Fundamentals of Cellular Biology

*Immune, Cardiovascular and Urinary Systems of Water

*Metabolism, Digestion and Insulin/Leptin Regulation

*A Look at the Microbiome 

*Skin, Lungs, Barriers & Exchange

*Female and Male Reproductive Patterns

*Cortisol, the Stress Response & Neuroendocrine System 

Schedule is TBA, but classes will meet three times a month for a block of 2.5 hours per class, with classes spanning a total of three months. Program will start in October. If the class schedule does not work for you, don't worry! Purchasing the class recordings includes all monthly instructor support: we want the program to fit with your needs and please join the program with whatever option works best for you. 

No matter how you are taking the program, classes include all handouts and any other assignments, which could include readings, videos or homework. Those studying at home are free to complete these at their own pace, and those joining us for scheduled lectures will have time to review them with instructors at the beginning of class. 


Program Cost $400

Monthly Payment Plans are Available

SCHOLARSHIP OPTION: We are looking for a class assistant who is well-versed in camera work and Zoom to record live classes and manage the Zoom livestream. Class will be discounted to $325, and payment plan can still be obtained. Please email if you are interested in this option and have the needed experience!

This course has been postponed. Check back in for details in 2022!

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