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Lauren Eadline MSN, FNP-C, RH (AHG)
Clinical Herbalist

Haudenosaunee land



Nurse Practitioner, herbalist, wife, stepmom and catmom. As an NP I work in primary care, serving the Syracuse, NY area as a proud member of Upstate Medical University's Internal Medicine group. I also have a medical background in cardiology and endocrinology and am a practicing herbalist and plant medicine educator. I believe strongly in preventative health and living well, and I work to be of service in these areas. In both my practitioner and educator capacities I utilize nutritional interventions, lifestyle changes, herbal therapies and Western medicine to help folks along the path of healing and to promote health empowerment. I also maintain an herbal apothecary for client use, and while I do not sell to the general public, please feel free to reach out with inquiries. My practice is currently closed to new clients, but I will update my site when/if this changes. 

While not formally affiliated with EarthStrong, you can also find

information here about Syracuse Herbal Study Group, a local group

dedicated in plant medicine education in the Syracuse area.

Just click the SHSG tab to learn more!

If you live in the Syracuse area and are looking for a new primary

care provider with a background in integrative, functional and holistic

medicine, please reach out to University Internists East @ 315-627-0448

Thanks for stopping by!

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