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Materia Medica Monthly

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**Materia Medica Monthly is now complete and we will not be adding new classes. However, we encourage people interested in accessing the past two years of archived classes to join the subscription for as long as they would like** Each month, join us to discuss one herb at a time, the old-fashioned way. We will talk energetics, medicinal uses, actions, formulation & botany. $10/month gets you unlimited access to not just the current class but all archived classes, and automatically enrolls you in the discussion group where you can post questions, insights or stories and expect regular responses. You decide how long you subscribe - cancel anytime, no strings attached. Classes are geared towards all learning levels, and are appropriate for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of plant uses, identification and medicine making. We hope you join us! Class List: *Lemon Balm, Friday 7/2 *Mallow, Marsh and Otherwise, Monday 8/2 *Goldenrod, Saturday 9/4 *Passionflower, Saturday 10/2 *Black Cohosh, Saturday 11/13 *Rosemary, Monday 12/6 *Coltsfoot, Sunday 1/16 *Hawthorn, Sunday 2/27 *Dandelion, Monday 4/25 *Angelica, Sunday 5/22 *St. John's Wort, Sunday 6/26 *Blue Vervain, Monday 7/25 *Wild Cherry Bark, Sunday 8/28 *Purple Loosestrife, Sunday 9/11 *Elder, Saturday 10/29 *White Pine, 11/27 *Crampbark, Friday 12/30 *Chicory, Sunday 2/12 (missed from January) *Tulsi, Sunday 2/26 *Oregon grape Root 3/23 *Rose, Monday 5/1

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Subscription, $10.00/month


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